Discover the MTA

Discover the MTA

April 22, 2016

We all love to explore and mass transit is a mode of discovery accessible to all. Our MTA color story takes inspiration from the bustling transit systems found throughout some of our world’s largest cities including London, Munich, New York and San Francisco.

Make it Pop

Beneath the cobbled streets of London lies The London Underground, the world’s first underground railway and one of the oldest rapid transit systems. Drawing cues from the tubes that connect this bustling city, red and royal blue create our London colorway.

The S-Bahn, Munich’s rapid transit system, spreads throughout the metropolis connecting over 2.7 million people. Inspired by the city’s trains and buses, our Munich colorway introduces a vibrant blue into our Spring Collection.

City Slicker

The New York City subway is one of the world’s most active metro systems running 24 hours a day and servicing over 11 million people per week. Inspired by Grand Central Station, the NYC is for the minimalist city slicker.

By the Bay

The Bay Area transit system is one of the busiest transit systems in the United States. Transporting approximately 126 million people per year, commuters and travellers flow throughout San Fransisco, to the eastern shores of San Pablo and San Fransisco bays. San Francisco’s transit system brings grey and vibrant pops of blues to create the Bay Area MTA colorway.

Check out the MTA now available online.