Meet the Beaches

Meet the Beaches

June 27, 2016

It’s time to explore. Our  Beaches color story takes inspiration from the golden sands of Maui, Bondi and California’s Windansea to bring you three unique colorways.


Windansea Beach, located near La Jolla in San Diego, became a surfers’ hotspot and popular location for beach parties in the 1940s and 50s. Our Windansea colorway pays homage to the carefree days spent in the water and on the golden sands of Windansea Beach.


Our Maui colorway takes cues from the pristine turquoise waves and jagged lava rock along the island of Maui’s southern coast. Rip up the road to Hana, hike across the Haleakala Volcano and throw down some cold bevies on Maui’s Big Beach (or Little Beach), if that’s more your kinda thing.


Escape to Bondi Beach, a destination famous for surf, cliff jumps, and white sand beaches. Drawing cues from the crystal blue waters and cliffs that line the coastline of Sydney, Australia, vibrant blue and subtle accents of golden brown create our Bondi colorway.

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